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PM(6people)time:2017-07-07 15:39:46

  • Branch:PM


  • Major:PM


  • Sex:None


  • Pay:> 5000

    End time:2017.09.06


1. Assign translation task.

  1. Determine the professional category and difficulty of translation documents;

  2. Make overall arrangement for translation tasks.

2. Arrange the translation process, control the progress of the translation, guarantee translation quality, and reduce translation costs.

3. Make a comprehensive analysis of the translation, submit an error report, and score the translation according to the standard.

4. Classify and eliminate the part-time translators according to the language pairs, area of expertise, education, translation experience, translation quality, and customer feedback, etc.


1. Age 30 years old or above;

2. Bachelor degree or above in English major;

2. Have profound knowledge in both Chinese and English and have many years of relevant work experience in translation and proofreading;

3. Be able to operate office software, translation aids tools (Trados, etc.) and the Internet.

4. Experienced personnel with years of translation quality control in translation companies is preferred.

Matters needing attention:

Please indicate your employment objective and salary requirements in your resume.

Please send your resume to us asap if you meet the requirements.