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Quotation from Shenzhen Transloctek Co., Ltd.:

Many customers call us to inquire, "how do you charge?". Professional translation companies make rational quotations based on the content they need to translate, the professional field of the document, the type of text, the purpose of the document, the target audience, and the duration requirements. The prices quoted in this way are meaningful and responsible to customers.

It is too risky to choose a translator vendor simply on the basis of price. The translation market is still very confusing. Some people dare to do low prices. For more than 90% of translation companies, there is no decent project management and quality control.

"a price for a goods" is the truth.

Translation costs: There is high requirement for the translator's language skills, translation skills, professional abilities, dedication, etc. Nowadays, the world is full of people who claim to be good at English, but those who are good at "translation techniques" are embarrassed. Therefore, to retain good translation talents in this industry, reasonable remuneration is important.

Project management and operating costs: Good translation is only half of the success, and good project management and customer service personnel are also essential. They can accurately grasp the needs of customers and meet their needs through powerful project management. There is high requirement for language skills and communication skills as well as project management capabilities and software use capabilities. Others elements inculuding strong technical support, financial support and human resources support are also essential. Therefore, a reasonable price can be calculated on such a cost basis to ensure a high and stable quality of service. "The quality is better, but the price is lower." This is an economic paradox that requires the horse to run without letting the horses graze. Ultimately, it will harm the customer's own interests. "Our things are cheap, but quality and service are absolutely guaranteed." It can only be a blank check from the flicker.

Conclusion: The price given by the customer must be rational, and we must have the necessary follow-up and support; we must provide value for products and services, and get a reasonable profit!