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  • Your multilingual pages shouldn’t be word for word translation


    In its recent tweet, Google Webmasters stated that multilingual pages shouldn’t be word for word translation. Some website owners believe that Google requires word for word translation when you use hreflang and make a multilingual website. That is absolutely not the case. In fact, it is best to translate the page naturally and not do word for word translation. Appoint a professional translator fluent in both languages to translate it in a natural way, easy for visitors to understand and engage with. That means some words might not be on the page at all but bad translation can have a catastrophic impact on your business and its sales.

  • Marketing Translation Services a new face to business


    ​Marketing is an important tool for the expansion of every business. Marketing knows how to influence the audience. Marketing managers understand the need and demand of the client. They know how and what message to communicate to their customers. But in today’s throat cutting competition, it is important to work ahead of defined business and marketing horizons and thus Marketing Translation Service can be of great help to achieve the desired target. It is very difficult to capture foreign clients, especially if their native language is different from that of the source language.

  • Consecutive Vs. Simultaneous Interpretation


    The two major forms of interpretation are consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation.

  • The Top 10 Languages in Demand by Global Businesses


    The Top 10 Languages in Demand by Global Businesses

  • Worlds' Most Translated Books


    The best books have the power to touch people on every corner of the earth, not just the country they're written in, allowing readers to expand their horizons and discover new cultures and different ways of thinking. But if these books are to be enjoyed all around the world they need to be translated into different languages first.

  • Human expertise still provides more value in the world of translation


    Companies are increasingly looking to expand on a global scale. As a result, many are looking to reach a wider audience than they ever have before, and this means adapting their content to users in new markets through translation and localisation. Whether that’s in terms of language, device capabilities or tone, making sure that you reach people in the way they expect to be spoken to has never been more critical for business success on a global level.

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