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  • April Fools’ Day – International Day of Foolery


    Ah, April Fools’ Day – the prankster’s favourite time of year. Mayhem, mirth and merriment are mandatory. Expect light hearted jokes to be played on friends, family and increasingly, total strangers. But where did April Fools’ Day even come from? Does every culture around the world have a joke holiday?

  • Rabbit rabbit rabbit! 5 bunny superstitions from around the globe


    When you woke up this morning, did you remember to say “white rabbits”? In the English-speaking world, there is a long-held tradition of saying “white rabbits” or “rabbit rabbit rabbit” on the first day of the month to guarantee good luck for the rest of the month. Notable figures such as US President Franklin D. Roosevelt are even said to have observed the superstition. The roots of this particular saying are shrouded in mystery, but it’s just one of many different meanings that have been ascribed to the rabbit in different cultures across the globe. Here are a few of our favourites.

  • Bad Language at your Wedding?


    When it comes to translation, tour operators and luxury resorts need to be careful in the promotion and planning of overseas wedding ceremonies for their customers. Failure to do so can have far-reaching implications. Especially if your resort is in a tourism-dependent economy.

  • Roads of Translation: Babel in Geneva


    The Tower of Babel by Flemish master Abel Grimmer (1604, pictured) is a visual symbol for the fascinating exhibition, Roads of Translation, currently on display at the Fondation Bodmer in Geneva. Focusing on works collected by the Swiss bibliophile and scholar Martin Bodmer, the exhibition illustrates the role of translation as a channel for understanding both literature and culture. A comprehensive catalogue (in French) containing articles by world eminent linguists, philosophers and renowned translators is an excellent guide and gives context to the exhibition (Les Routes de la Traduction: Babel à Genève, Editions Gallimard/Fondation Martin Bodmer, 2018, 336 pages, €39).

  • Getting medical translations right


    Senior British and American medical executives have admitted that misinterpreted cultural references or linguistic errors in medical translations can have a major impact on a companies image and reputation.

  • How many languages do you need on your website?


    If you’ve ever worked with or built a multilingual website, you will know that there are many things to think about. As well as designing and structuring the site and sorting out the domain name, translating the text should also be high on your list of priorities.

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