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Please read this notice before officially commissioning the company for translation work. Once you have commissioned the company to provide services for you, the company will regard you as having read this notice.

1. The company operates within the scope permitted by relevant national policies and regulations. The company is only responsible for the accuracy of translation, and does not assume any legal, economic, or other liabilities resulting from the source, content, or usage of the translation.

2. To ensure the provision of high-quality translation, please make an appointment in advance with us and provide originals (for professional documents, if available, please provide internal idioms, glossaries or reference documents in advance); please also give us loose translation time as much as possible.

3. The manuscript provided by the customer must be finalized. During the translation process or after the translation is completed, if you need to modify, supplement or delete the original text, please send a written notice (for the translated part, if you need to delete the content, the customer still needs to pay the relevant fees according to the contract; if you need to modify or supplement the content, the company will charge additional fees and ask for postponement of delivery according to the translation volume).

4. Usually we will keep the translation of our customers strictly confidential. If the customer has special confidentiality requirements, you must notify us in advance so that the parties can sign confidentiality agreements and take strict security measures.

5. If you have any objections to the translation, please submit a request in writing within 15 working days after receiving the translation. The company will amend it for you free of charge. Overdue will be deemed as abandonment.

6. Unless otherwise stated in the contract, refunds and claims due to mistranslations and misspellings in the translation process are limited to the amount of translation fees received.

7. If there is a requirement for the font, format, printing, etc. of the translation draft, please explain it before the translation work starts, otherwise it will be handled in accordance with the language habits and in accordance with the original layout.

8. Please do not hesitate to discuss this issue. Please feel free to contact us.

Note: Shenzhen Transloctek Co., Ltd. reserves the right of final interpretation of this notice.