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Auditor report is a report issued by certified public accountants of an accounting firm with audit qualification. The report is to measure 1) whether the enterprise accounting work, including measurement, billing, accounting, accounting files and other accounting work, is in accordance with the accounting system or not; 2)whether the enterprise internal control system is sound or not; and 3) some other financial matters. It is an objective evaluation on the financial revenues and expenditures, operating results and economic activity after a comprehensive review

An auditor's report is considered an essential tool when reporting financial information to users, particularly in business. Since many third-party users prefer, or even require financial information to be certified by an independent external auditor, many auditees rely on auditor reports to certify their information in order to attract investors, obtain loans, and improve public appearance. Some have even stated that financial information without an auditor's report is "essentially worthless" for investing purposes.

Auditor report mainly consists of assets, liabilities, investor rights and interests, costs and incomes, etc.

There are four common types of auditor's reports, each one presenting a different situation encountered during the auditor's work. The four reports are as follows: Unqualified Opinion Report, Qualified Opinion Report, Adverse Opinion Report and Disclaimer of Opinion Report.

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