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  • Tourism Interpretation


    With the rapid development of China's economy, the domestic tourism industry is also booming, and the corresponding demand for tourism translation has become increasingly widespread. Tourism translation not only involves translation of tourism promotional materials and translation of travel contract translations, but mainly tourism interpreting services. Tourism interpreting is not only a translation between languages, but also requires that tourist interpreters are familiar with relevant tourist attractions, scenic attractions, etc. Accurate, patient, and meticulous translation of historical and background knowledge.

  • Quality Assurance Measures


    1. We have established and implement a perfect quality system. 2. The translators are strictly employed, assessed and tested to maintain a high-level translation team all along. 3. The translation task is arranged legitimately to ensure the time, professional and quality will meet the guests’ requirements. 4. We will unify the translation requirement and terminology usage before translation if the project needs to be accomplished by more than one translator. 5. The translation will be checked by Computer Department to ensure no omission and input error. 6. Technical experts check the translation to ensure it is professional. 7. Language experts check the translation to ensure the fluency of translation. 8. Translation database is used to store the terminology usage confirmed by the customers, in order to ensure the consistence of subsequent translation effectively.