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  • How to do a document translation?


    A certificate is a symbol of a person’s identity certificate. For example, an ID card, whether it is an original or a copy, represents your birthplace, date of birth, the nationality of your birth, the period of use of your ID card, etc. For a translator, even if the translator has a slight mistake, he will be a thousand miles away. If a person's place of birth is translated incorrectly, the officer of the notary office can not find the person, and the certificate of going abroad will be called back. Travel passports are a must-have item for a person traveling abroad. Without this item, you may not even be able to go through customs.

  • delayed employment


    Recently, Zhaolian Recruitment issued a survey report on the job hunting situation of recent college graduates in 2017. According to the survey data, about 9.8% of recent graduates this year chose “slow employment”. Slow employment, also known as delayed employment, means that some college students do not intend to take up employment immediately after graduation and do not plan to continue further studies. Instead, they choose to go on a study tour, participate in a volunteer teaching program, accompany parents at home or wait for opportunities to start their own business, and slowly consider the path of life.

  • Translation Processes


    ranslation Processes 1. Negotiate and undertake translation projects (Business Department) 2. Evaluate the difficulty of the project (Project Manager) 3. Choose the most suitable translator and proofreader, establish project group 4. Convey the requirements to members of the project group and unify the usage of terminology 5. Translate and proofread 6. Technical experts check the translation to ensure it is professional 7. Language experts check the translation to ensure the fluency of translation 8. Typesetting Department starts to typeset 9. Send to customers for confirmation and use 10. Store the terminology into translation database for future reference. Translation- revision- proofreading-verification-OK Customer feedback