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Headquartered in Xiamen, the Target Language Translation Company is in a leading professional translation service institution in China. We delicate ourselves to translation and other related business involving more than 90 languages, such as English, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Spanish and so on. We also have a professional translation team and an experienced management group. All the projects adopt ISO international standard and advanced process management and quality monitoring systems in the field of translation. Our business has been expanded to different countries in Asia, Europe and America.

The translation documents include business and legal document, company introduction, equipment installation, debugging, description of products, large scale project biding, large-scale equipment production line; market research report, finance and economics analysis.
Business administration; materials of application for going abroad, notarization data and various business negotiations, interpretation or simultaneous interpretation for exhibitions, lectures or large/medium scale international conferences. Translation and edition of film scripts, telescript, video tape, VCD and other audio or video files.

Technology support
1. The Production Department is equipped with advanced computer processing equipment, high-performance computers, scanner, printer, CD writer, wide-band access and Internal LAN which can ensure the smooth document transmission and processing speed.
2. Because of the multiple foreign languages system, electronic documents in more than 20 languages are available. Various operating platforms of Windows series and office softwares such as Photoshop, Freehand, Framemaker, Pagemaker, Acrobat, CorelDarw and other software design composing or PDF document design can meet customers’ demands on the manuscripts. 
3. Keep researching the latest technique achievements and applying them to translation or related operation, so as to enhance the translation quality and efficiency. The localization of the WebPages of various languages can fully ensure the pages’ electronic publishing standard and a quicker browsing speed.

4. The authorized Trodos program can help us to build a Translation Memory for each VIP customer, so that we will be able to refer to and invoke the data next time. In this way, efficiency and integration can be achieved.