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Engineering Translation Services

Shenzhen Transloctek Co., Ltd. is a professional engineering translation company with extensive academic translation experience in various fields. Translators of the company have been rigorously tested. Most of them have overseas study and work experience and all have good translation skills. The members of the project team have a deep understanding of the cultural background, language convention, and professional terminology of the translation. Shenzhen Transloctek Co., Ltd provides  the customer with high quality and speedy translation and services. Shenzhen Transloctek Co., Ltd. has provided high-quality translations for organizations and companies from all over the world with strict quality control system, standardized operation procedures and unique auditing standards. 

The field of engineering translation includes:

Power engineering translation, Construction engineering eranslation, Railway engineering eranslation, Road engineering translation, Hydraulic engineering translation, Sports stadium construction translation, Environmental engineering translation, Airport engineering construction translation, Highway construction translation, Tunnel and bridge construction translation, Power plant construction translation, Terminal construction industry, etc.