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With the globalization of the economy and the continuous development of the information industry, the links between countries have become closer and the information has become more rapid. News, as the main medium for conveying information, plays an extremely important role in today's society. News translation requires the translators have a more in-depth grasp of the cultural background, language habits, and professional terminology of the source and target countries, so as to ensure the quality of translation and achieve timely, accurate, and standardized requirements.

Our company is committed to providing the highest quality and fastest translation and localization services to every customer who needs news translation. Strict quality control system, standardized operating procedures and exhaustive auditing spirit enable us to serve customers in various fields—including government agencies, well-known newspapers and magazines at home and abroad, global multinational companies in Europe, America, and Asia Pacific. Up to now, it has provided solutions for a number of media companies inside and outside China, ranging from software localization, video, games, audio, video, websites, and ever-changing news content.

Professional news translation team of Shenzhen Transloctek Co., Ltd. :

Most of the translators of our news professional translation team graduated from the top ten key universities in the country. Most of them studied overseas and obtained a master's degree. They have worked in the press and publishing industry for many years. They have rich experience in news translation and profound knowledge in writing. They understand the development of the industry. dynamic, and are familiar with terminology in news Translation.

Professional translation tools of Shenzhen Transloctek Co., Ltd.:

The translation software TRADOS fully utilizes the management function of translation project, improving the efficiency and ensuring the quality.

Fields of news translation:

Press and Publication, Media Management, Press Interview, News Writing, News Review, Photographic Technology, Internet Communication, Network Management.