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IT technology has become the focal point for the development of science and technology in the world today, and has been introduced on a large scale by the world. However, the introduction of IT technology is often hampered by language barriers and seriously affects new technologies. Therefore, the translation of IT literature has become an important part of the current translation.

With many years of experience in IT industry translation, Shenzhen Transloctek Co., Ltd., brings together domestic and international IT academics with profound knowledge of academics and senior translators to jointly create a professional and detailed IT cross-disciplinary application translation team. A large number of technical documents, product manuals, industry standards, technical specifications, and manuals have been successfully translated, covering computer hardware and software, networking and communications technology, application software development tools, digital products. 

Shenzhen Transloctek Co., Ltd. guarantees strict project management, professional translation and proofreading, and careful layout in the process of the project. Project managers will be assigned to communicate with you directly and establish stable and effective contacts. The translation will be done by translators with at least two years of experience in IT professional translation. Professional review will be performed by professional translators who have many years of translation experience to ensure professional accuracy. At alst, A proficient senior language expert will be arranged to guarantee the accuracy of the language.