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Literature Translation Services

Shenzhen Transloctek Co., Ltd. has a professional literary translation service project team. Most of its members graduate from famous universities both at home and abroad. They are proficient in English, having a high degree of Chinese language cultivation and rich literary translation experience, and can translate literary translation, linguistics, literature, and aesthetics. The organic combination of cognitive psychology and reading theory provides customers with the highest quality and fastest translation service.

The company has a complete set of project management processes. After accepting your assigned project, the project manager will designate the translator who will be responsible for the project, and arrange specific working hours, and then translate or provide localization services based on your requirements. After the project being completed, we will appoint experienced proofreaders to carry out project checks, and correct problems within the earliest time and ensure the quality. We also conduct occasional sample evaluations of the project for effective quality control.

We have advanced software assistance systems. The standard vocabulary developed by project managers and professional language engineers will be input into the auxiliary system to ensure the professionalism and consistency of terminology. The auxiliary system has a memory function. The system will automatically search for the same or similar words and sentences in the vocabulary and give a reference translation. The translator will choose whether or not to use according to the specific situation.

The fields of literary translation that we offer include: literary writing, ancient literature, modern and contemporary literature, foreign literature, linguistics, literary briefs, reference books history, and historical records.

Shenzhen Transloctek Co., Ltd. is founded by a group of scholars with profound academic accumulation and rich translation experience. It is one of the large-scale translation companies in Shenzhen. We have attracted a large number of customers with responsibility and high quality translation and localization services. The company is one of the few large-scale translation companies in China with large-scale customized translation capabilities, and is ready to provide you with high-quality translation services.