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Securities Translation Services

1. Our advantages in securities translation

1) Rich experience in securities translation, Focusing on high-end customers

On one hand, most of our translators come from business schools at famous universities both at home and abroad and are proficient in the securities industry. Among them, we require translators to have 3-5 years of experience in the securities industry. The translator not only passed the strict test of the manuscript in the securities industry, but also possessed high academic accomplishments. They also gradually accumulated valuable resources and rich industry experience in the practice.

On the other hand, we will be committed to the high-end securities industry for a long time. In the process of long-term cooperation with high-end customers, we will continue to grow with higher quality requirements, gradually improve, strive for perfection, and become increasingly perfect. Our main securities industry customers include: CITIC Securities, CICC, Guotai Junan, Ping An Securities, Hua-Ou International, GF Securities, Everbright Securities, China Merchants Securities, Huatai Securities, Orient Securities, and Changjiang Securities. We also signed long-term translation cooperation agreements with many companies.

2) TRADOS Software

TRADOS is one of the necessary translation software for translation companies and has an overwhelming market share in the translation industry at home and abroad. With TRADOS, we can not only translate high-quality, fast, accurate and uniform terms for our customers, but also preserve the original format, reduce the workload of post-layout, and ultimately reduce the translation costs of customers.

2. Our professional securities translation team

Our securities translation team is dedicated to the field of high-end securities translation. Relying on abundant academic resources, securities business experience and overseas background, and a strong team of domestic and foreign professors, we have developed into a full-time translation and part-time securities industry translation team with more than 1,000 worldwide, covering 160 languages. We provide services for securities industry language service providers in major domestic cities and some international metropolises.

3. Our professional securities translation tools - Trados

1) High quality

It is easy to use past translations to ensure the consistency of terminology. When dealing with large projects, the stability of quality is greatly improved.

2) Lower translation costs

By comparing the new manuscript with the existing translation memory data, the statistical office repetition rate can correctly calculate the required translation volume and time, achieving correct project evaluation and reduce costs.

3) Short transaction time

Because of the ease of retrieval and the ability to use past translations, it is possible to save on unnecessary duplicate assignments and improve translation efficiency.

4. Our professional securities translation field

Securities translation, financial translation, bank translation, insurance translation, financial translation, prospectus translation, translation of economic documents, translation of accounting statements, translation of annual reports of listed companies, translation of asset evaluation, translation of IPO reports.