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Food Industry Translation Services

The Chinese have an old saying: "People use food as a heaven." China's food culture with a long histroy has been widely praised by overseas people since ancient times. However, with the economic globalization, foreign retail giants have taken a large part in the domestic food retail market. China is facing enormous challenges in food processing and trade industry. Target Language Translation seized this opportunity and actively cooperated with a number of large-scale food processing companies to provide them with professional translation services and promote the integration of these enterprises into the international market. 

Food industry ranslation has high requirements for translators' professional terms and language skills. Target Language Translation food translators can well understand the manuscripts with strong professionalism of customers, thus ensuring the professional translation of food products for customers service.

Shenzhen Transloctek Co., Ltd.  provides food translation services in the following documents:

Recipe and menu translation

Food instructions and packaging text

Food inspection report

Food exhibitions and seminars accompanied translations