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Economic globalization is an irreversible process. Today, more and more companies are expanding their products and services around the world. In the foreign-related business, the company’s website acts as a bridge for major information exchange. In the past, the websites of many foreign-related companies had two interfaces: local language websites and English websites (international stations). With the continuous development of the company's international business, the increasing number of customer groups in many countries, a website in local language and English can not meet the needs of target customers, multilingual website construction is particularly important, In this case, a website translation industry was derived.

Website translation is the conversion of the content of a web page from a language and cultural convention to another language and cultural habit. Different from website localization, it only needs to process the text of the website and does not need to deal with pictures, animations, and website engineering. Shenzhen Transloctek Co., Ltd. has assisted many companies from home and abroad in the translation of their website in most of the world's global languages. We have won unanimous praise from our clients.