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Drawing Translation

Drawing is the meaning of drawing pictures. usually used for architectural drawings, product drawings, engineering drawings, design drawings, plane drawings, 3D drawings, etc.

In the beginning, tools such as wood and pens were used. It is very inconvenient, and usually dealys the engineering time, etc. In order to improve its efficiency and quality, high-tech computers are needed.

Hand drawing is a technique used to manually draw patterns in various industries. including architecture, fine arts, landscape architecture, environmental art, photography, visual communication, and so on.

PS is the abbreviation of photoshop and it can be referred to as the image processing software Photoshop.

CAD refers to the auto company's auto cad software, which can be used for engineering drawings and other graphic designs. CAD, or Computer-Aided Design, uses a computer and its graphics equipment to assist designers in their design work. In engineering and product design, computers can help designers with tasks such as computing, information storage, and drawing.

3D Studio Max, often referred to simply as 3ds Max or MAX, is a 3D animation rendering and production software developed by Autodesk based on PC system.

The predecessor of Adobe Flash is Future Wave's Future Splash, the world's first commercial 2D vector animation software for designing and editing Flash documents.

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