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Subtitles of motion pictures refer to non-image content such as dialogues in television and movies, stage productions in textual form, and texts of post-processing of film and television works. The narration texts and various texts appearing under the movie screen or TV screen, such as the title of the film, credits, lyrics, dialogues, explanations, character introductions, place names and years, are all referred to as subtitles.

With the popularity of the Internet, many excellent television dramas, animations, and movies from different countries are widespread over the world. But limited to the foreign language level, the subtitle translation was born. It also helps introduce the local culture from different programs, movies and animations.

Subtitle Translation refer to translating dialogues and foreign languages. Without the original subtitles, people with higher language skills need to translate the text. Translators generally have a level of more than a middle-level foreign language, can view or listen to and understand without permission, and translate the source text.

Shenzhen Transloctek Co., Ltd. is committed to providing subtitling services such as film and television, conference recording, teaching films, DVD, VCD, etc., namely, video translation and subtitling services. The listeners are mainly native translators in the corresponding languages. They fully ensure the quality of listening, translation and subtitling. TLT are always good at conveying clear and concise information to media audiences.

The company carries out the work with high quality control and fast procedure. 

1. Get the video file from the client.

2. Translate the text. 

3. Proofread the translated texts.

4. After the translation is completed, submit it to the timeline production staff to make a timeline.

5. Check the timeline and proofread the translated text. (Sometimes skip this step)