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Website Localization


As it is most commonly used, localization refers to revising an original product before you can properly market it in another country. Localization does not generally include the revision of source code (refer to "What is internationalization?" below). Localization includes but is not limited to topics such as translation, culturalization, DTP, graphics, compiling, and testing, etc.

Web-based technologies

E-business has already spread to markets worldwide, and is expanding quickly, and companies must take globalization into account as they develop their e-business strategy. An increasing number of companies are realizing growing international revenues, and strengthening their relationships with customers worldwide by making globalization an integral part of their e-business strategy. The Internet and especially Web-based technologies have been changing business processes dramatically. Websites are a major marketing tool, and e-commerce provides new opportunities to sell to customers and communicate with business partners.

Website localization 

Creating a sustainable global website is the first and most crucial step in a globalization strategy. Website localization can help your company to expand your business globally and increase sales as well as enhance the popularity of your company.This involves much more than just translation. It is a complex process that involves project management, translation and review, quality assurance, in-time updates, and the reuse of previous content. All these may be done in an environment with multiple time zones, business practices and legal systems. And with more content being developed and needing to be localized, content management becomes increasingly complex.

Shenzhen Transloctek Co., Ltd. supplies website localization and content management services, to help customers turn their content (HTML, Dynamic Multimedia, Streaming Media and XML) into the requested language and culture. 

The participation of customers in every stage of projects is the key to success, therefore we will maintain close contact and cooperate with the customers. We cherish any feedbacks proposed by the customers. At the end of every project, we will invite some experts whose mother tongue is the target language to proofread the texts, in order to ensure the clearness, correctness and compatibility with the local culture. Our network experts will conduct follow-up service for the localized website and guarantee its normal operation.