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Geology Translation Services

Most translators of our geological translation teams graduated from famous universities both at home and abroad, and have rich experience in geological translation. Our team members of the Geological Translation Project Group have a in-depth understanding and therefore better geological translation. Our company is committed to providing the highest quality and fastest translation and localization services for each customer, such as our government agencies, global multinational corporations in Europe, America, and Asia Pacific. Many companies have signed long-term cooperation agreements with us.

To ensure the accuracy of geological translation, the geological translation team follows these guidelines :

1. The huge geological translation team guarantees that all types of geological translation manuscripts are held by professionals.

2. From the beginning of the data acquisition to the delivery, the quality is controlled with efficiency.

3. Set up a number of translation teams in a timely manner to analyze various requirements, unify professional vocabularies, and determine language styles and translation formats.

4. The translation will be proofread twice before finalization.

5. The company is recruiting translators continuously to bring together experts and elites in the field of geological translation.

Geological translation mainly involves technical documents, construction technical specifications, drawings, business contracts related to the construction business of coalfield geological survey, mineral exploration, geological surveying, engineering geological survey, petroleum geological survey, pile foundation engineering survey, water well drilling, geological consulting, tender documents, bids and other documents and on-site interpreting work.