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Medical Translation Services

Shenzhen Transloctek Co., Ltd. is a professional translation company specializing in medical translation and interpretation. We specialize in serving translation companies of medical and pharmaceutical customers. We are committed to providing professional medical translation solutions. High-quality translation is the core competitiveness of our company, and it is also an important factor for us to win the trust of our customers. 

The company brings together experienced medical and pharmaceutical translation experts and professional medical translators from national research institutes for many years. All articles are reviewed by senior translators in professional medical backgrounds. The quality of translation is strictly controlled, and all aspects of the translation can reflect the fine details. In order to guarantee the quality of translation, a professional vocabulary database is established since the company and the customer begin to cooperate, ensuring the professionalism, accuracy and consistency of medical translation. The medical translation services we provide are strictly "loyal to the original, consistent with the habits" and strive to "faithfulness", "expresiveness", and "elegance". 

We have a scientific management system for medical translation reviewers and clients. After we received orders from customers for translation, we will select professional translators to perform translation work, and after the translation project is completed, a project summary report will be conducted to train translators to carry out the training of professional terminology, and to constantly  improve the overall quality and knowledge structure of the translators.

Our translation quality has been recognized by various pharmaceutical companies, medical institutions, and medical practitioners, and we believe we will also receive your positive feedback! 

Shenzhen Transloctek Co., Ltd. aims to achieve “professional translation + rapid response + strict confidentiality + caring service”. With professional translation, efficient and rapid response, and adopt lifelong confidentiality and caring services, we achieved a one-top service from translation to service.