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With the rapid development of China's foreign economic cooperation, the demand for translation of various contracts and copy files has also increased. The contract agreement is the most important basis for cooperation between enterprises. If the parties’ intentions cannot be accurately and faithfully expressed, the contract itself will lose its original value. Thus, legal translation, characterized by rigorous phrasing, strong logic, professional use of words, and complex sentences,  is an area recognized by the translation industry as a relatively difficult area. Only a handful of professionals who are proficient in English and law, and have many years of translation experience can guarantee the law.

Shenzhen Transloctek Co., Ltd. was founded by a group of scholars with profound academic achievements and translation experience. It is one of the large-scale translation companies in Xiamen. It has accumulated rich experience and trained a large number of outstanding professionals in legal translation. Many of them have not only a good command of English with an emphasis on Chinese and American legal terminologies, but also are familiar with Chinese grammar of the Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and the differences between American English and British English. The sophisticated language skills blended with a vast number of legal terminologies enable our services to best suit our clients' needs.

Shenzhen Transloctek Co., Ltd. has established long-term cooperation relationships with large-scale legal network service providers, law schools, government agencies, public security law department systems, arbitration organizations, international multinational corporations, other law research organizations, and famous persons in the legal circle at home and abroad. 

Legal translation field:

Laws and regulations translation, Contract agreement translation, Litigation and arbitration translation, Law works translation, Account translation, Case analysis translation, Legal document translation, Court document translation , Consultation translation, and Leasing contract translation, etc..