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Chemical Translation Services

Shenzhen Transloctek Co., Ltd. is highly professional in the translation of chemical industry, and the fields involved are quite sophisticated, including chemical mines, chemical fertilizers, inorganic chemicals, soda ash, chlor-alkali, basic organic materials, pesticides, dyes, coatings, new field of fine chemicals, rubber processing, new materials, etc.. Chemical translations must be accurate and concise. Therefore, there is a very high requirement for the professional translators.

Professional chemical translation team:

Most of our chemical translators graduated from well-known universities both at home and abroad and have extensive experience in this field. They have a deep understanding of the development of the chemical industry and professional terminology. With years of chemical translation practice, we have summed up a unique set of quality control processes and terminology. We are fully aware of the seriousness of chemical translation. Therefore, every member of our chemical project translation team has undergone rigorous testing and has established a dedicated translation team to specifically handle translations in the chemical field. Our translators understand the process of translation of various chemical projects and are familiar with the relevant knowledge so that they can better cooperate in all aspects.

Professional chemical translation field:

Chemical Translation, Petroleum Translation, Natural Gas Translation, Environmental Translation, Metallurgical Translation, Printing and Dyeing Translation

Professional translation tools:

Adopt TRADOS software to ensure the unification of terminology and the high quality of translation.