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Machinery Translation Services

With the increasing demand for professional machinery translation, the translation work not only requires a smooth language, the customer's requirements for professionalism and accuracy of terminology are also increasing. 

In order to ensure the professionalism and accuracy of mechanical translation, Shenzhen Transloctek Co., Ltd. has set up a machinery translation team, the members of which are senior personnel in the fields of mechanics and English. They are familiar with various technical terms. They possess a large number of special vocabulary for science and technology, and are versed in the usage of the simplified machinery industry. In particular, we have developed a comprehensive set of processes and the latest terminology database for the personnel of the Mechanical Translation Project Team to achieve rapid translation, rapid review and quick manuscript submission, and to ensure effiective translation.

Besides, due to the diversified business models, product structures and manufacturing processes in the machinery manufacturing industry, processing equipment is being developed toward the direction of flexibility and the pace of technological upgrading is accelerating, we develop a personalized service system since the demand for individualized customers has become more prominent.