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Oil Translation Services

With the rapid development of the domestic economy, the country’s demand for petroleum products is increasing, so the oil industry has also achieved rapid development. More and more foreign companies have entered the domestic oil market one after another, so the demand for information localization also appears accordingly. Shenzhen Transloctek Co., Ltd. actively cooperates with many oil companies at home and abroad, and provides them with professional translation and localization services so as to promote the participation of these enterprises in internationalized technology exchanges.

Oil Translation has a high requirement for the translator's professional background and language ability. Shenzhen Transloctek Co., Ltd. organizes a group of translators with a background in the oil industry and set up a petroleum translation working group to ensure the translation quality of different documents. The company has successfully won the trust of many domestic oil companies and has become a long-term translation supplier for many companies with its professionalism. 

■ Composition of the Translation Team: 

Full-time translators, contracted part-time translators, and regular part-time translators, and the three groups have created an excellent oil translation team for the translation. The entire translation team is based on petroleum professionals and supplemented by foreign language talents. The mutual learning and complementarity of these two types of personnel gradually formed a "professional + language pair" team.

■Business scope:

Translation: block data packages, technical documents, legal contracts; company profiles, annual reports, brochures, conference materials; technical standards, industry norms, product manuals; commercial contracts, bidding documents, special topics; scientific papers, academic reports, etc.

Interpreting: escorts, business meetings, large international conferences, international exchanges

■ Petroleum translation:

Petroleum: Exploration, Drilling, Development, Storage, Transportation, Ground Engineering, Petroleum Machinery, Refinery

Other energy categories: electricity, water conservancy, coal, environmental protection

■The main performance:

The quality of translation has been steadily improved, and it has won widespread recognition from customers in the industry. It has become a recognized authority in the oil industry.